Samsung and Sony Ericsson Left Symbian

Samsung has finally announced that they are no longer going to work on or support the symbian os for the mobile devices. Samsung has sent an email to symbian foundation that they are going to end the support for symbian by the end of this year. Samsung was one of the initial member of Symbian Foundation.

Sony Ericsson has already stated the end of Symbian OS for their upcoming mobile phones and adopted the new Google android OS. The market trend shows the same that every other mobile company is now shifting to the new android operating system.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]Nokia still stands side-by-side to symbian and has planned to market over 50million handsets in the upcoming year with symbian operting system. Not to forget that currently symbian^3 version is available and everyone is looking forward for the new symbian^4 which will compete with the android and iOS operating systems for mobile phone handsets.

Last year, Samsung spokesman said that, “Samsung is an initial member of Symbian Foundation and continues to cooperate with Symbian Foundation. At the same time, Samsung supports various existing open operating systems including Symbian, Linux, Android, and Windows Mobile.”

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