Lego makes a Disturbing Version of MonaLisa

LEGO LegoThey say art could be of any type and it could be anywhere.Mona Lisa the famous painting,by Leonardo Da Vinci.This famous art work has been admired all over the world and is surely a masterpiece.Lately Lego got into the act,by making famous painting in Lego style.It was sure fun when i saw the pics,one of them which was Mona Lisa.But i don’t know whether this is something to be appreciated or not because some painting looked funny giving not such a great respect to the original.

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Excellent Sock Art Camera

Sock Art CameraWatching beautiful views and get amazed is human nature.But when it comes to geeks the idea of amusement changes,for as they just love all what is reated to technology.Sock Art is a technique in which you make different things with the help of socks ( but those socks don’t ).Anyways,so here you can see pics of a camera made out from socks and is a very good sock art.This post goes to all the geeks out there…yo 😀 Continue reading “Excellent Sock Art Camera”

Shopping Trolleys with Magnifying Glass

Shopping Trolley IllustrationAs they say necessity it the mother of invention,and this is very rightly said.Old age people have benefited a lot from different technologies,and made their living pleasant.What old people suffer mostly is their eyesight which disturbs them to do lot of work.Keeping this thing in mind a company in Switzerland has made shopping trolleys with magnifying glass to enable the old aged to read packet contents etc more easily.

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Kickstart your day with the Amazing Smashing Clock

Alarm Bang IllustrationWaking up early in the morning is very difficult as you just don’t want to loose the cozy comfort of your bed.Alarm clocks help you out a lot when you need to wake up early,but they annoy you with the alarm tones and you just get up in a bad mood.Now a brand new concept alarm clock has been designed which gives you a ‘smashing’ start to you day.

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500KG Safe to protect your Money

robberKeeping your money safe especially when you are dealing with a lot,you may then probably turn to the bank to put it there.Let me tell you about a safe in Hensen (Germany),which is unbreakable and no one can open it.An open invitation was given to the safe openers and no one was able to open it.This 500kg safe gets its title of “the world’s most safest safe”.You can see the pictures after the break…

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A Reality of Life we can’t Ignore

Man thinkingLife is strange and full of wonders,we just can’t imagine how much we have gained and how much we have lost in this life.Looking back into our years,bring memories of joy and sadness.They say you can’t forget the bad things which happened to you, but you sure learn from them a lot.How to spend this life in the best way,lead me to this short story which i wan’t to share with you guys,its really very touching and makes you think.

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MindFreak or David Blaine

David Blaine (Left) and Chris Angel (Right)
David Blaine (Left) and Chris Angel (Right)

Now this fight is going for ages now,who is the best magician Chriss Angel or David Blaine.For real,these two are outstanding magicians and its really very hard to tell who is the best.Chris Angel aka.MindFreak has a very gothic sense of magic and on the other hand David Blaine goes with the normal cool image.But the fan base of these is almost equal and we can never say who is leading. These two have seperate TV shows,here are two eye poping videos of the both.

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Undiscovered 1937 Bugatti will go for Auction

This story is amazing,a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S which spent 50 years in a garage got discovered by the owner’s nephew recently.The owner’s name was Harold Carr who bought this beauty in the 50’s from Earl Howe.Now this car will go into auction,after being untouched for more than half a century.Interestingly only 17 of this type were made !!,pic after the break.

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Homer Simpson’s Funny Laughables

Homer SimpsonWho doesn’t like “The Simpsons Show”,the show is very adorable and people just love to watch it.It carries up a wide range of audience from children to adults.Homer Simpson the character is definitely the ultimate attraction for the show,his witty and stupid one liners are sure to laugh on hours.Here are some of the best one liners and funny dialogues from Homer Simpson.

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