Excellent Sock Art Camera

Watching beautiful views and get amazed is human nature.But when it comes to geeks the idea of amusement changes,for as they just love all what is reated to technology.Sock Art is a technique in which you make different things with the help of socks ( […]

MindFreak or David Blaine

Now this fight is going for ages now,who is the best magician Chriss Angel or David Blaine.For real,these two are outstanding magicians and its really very hard to tell who is the best.Chris Angel aka.MindFreak has a very gothic sense of magic and on the […]

Three new HP Calculators

HP has introduced three new calclutaors for three different purposes,but all of these three do the same thing “calculate” .First is the HP SmartCalc 300,second HP Easy Calc 100 and the third one HP Office 300.Lets see more of these calculators.