Nokia X7: Hands-on Photos – Nice Metallic Body, 4″ AMOLED Gorilla Glass Screen & 8MP Camera

Nokia X7 is loaded with Symbian Anna OS which is quite impressive for me as they have improved it a lot. Nokia X7 is equipped with 8MP camera, record videos at 720p @25fps and the most attractive part is its metallic solid body and the AMOLED gorilla glass screen. 680 MHz ARM 11 processor, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU, 256MB Ram and 1GB of ROM. See below to check first hands-on photos of Nokia X7-00:

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Nokia’s Most Hyped Smartphone Nokia N8

I wrote an article a month ago that will I buy Nokia N8 or E7 and I preferred buying Nokia N8. The condition was only that, if I am going to buy a Symbian phone. Otherwise, if I have an open choice, obviously I will not look at the 680mhz processor of N8, rather go for someone 1ghz processor smartphone with more ram and features; may be Android based. Nokia was one of the best cellphone manufacturer once.

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Samsung and Sony Ericsson Left Symbian

Samsung has finally announced that they are no longer going to work on or support the symbian os for the mobile devices. Samsung has sent an email to symbian foundation that they are going to end the support for symbian by the end of this year. Samsung was one of the initial member of Symbian Foundation.

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gStorage, store file from mobile phone on gmail

gStorage, Store you files from mobile on gmail accountGoogle’s email service Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email service with over 130million users worldwide. There had been many software and applications available to utilize the gmail’s huge inbox space to store and backup your files from your personal computer. But now mobiles are in to game too. gStorage is a symbian app which put a separate storage in your mobile phone handset.

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Nokia N86 with 8 Megapixel Camera Mobile Phone

Nokia N86Nokia has announced their new mobile phone handset, the new Nokia N86 which is equipped with 8 Megapixel camera for the first time. Nokia’s best mobile till now had the 5MP camera maximum, even the so much awaited mobile N97 is a 5megapixal camera too. I was wondering myself that when Nokia is going to realize that it is lacking behind with the camera in their mobile phones. Ok, to be honest this news is not yet confirmed about Nokia N86, so far it is concerned as rumors. The full specifications of the new Nokia n86 are also leaked. If the news is confirmed, then Nokia will be announcing this new handset at the MWC 09.

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