PiixL EdgeCenter Super Slim Media Center PC For Flat Panel

PiixL EdgeCenterThis is the first of its kind the super slim media center pc form Piixl, The UK based brand that has come with its unique design of media center pc EdgeCenter 3770 that fits perfect behind your flat panel TV “LED, LCD or Plasma”. You can have unlimited entertainment with this pc, It is equipped with  Intel Core2Due, Core2Quard, Corei5, Corei7, and dual-Xeon configurations.

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Prison Break Season 4 Faked On Torrent

Prison BreakPrison Break is a TV Series by FOX TV. During the last couple of years, Prison Break became the second best TV series worldwide. LOST series is leading as it is considered to be as the best TV series. According to IMDB the rating of Prison Break is 9.0/10 whereas the rating of LOST is 9.1/10.  Prison Break season 4 was stopped suddenly after the 16th episode. The team took a four months break. Episode 16 of Prison Break was on-aired on 22nd December 2008 and after that today on 17th April 2009 the Episode 17 will be shown.

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OnLive Cloud Gaming, No Need To Buy Gaming Consoles

OnLiveYes! The title says it all! Steve Pearlman is back in the news with his new OnLive cloud gaming technology. At GDC ’09 Steve Pearlman came up with his new cloud gaming OnLive service. Steve Pearlman was the person who sold the WebTV technology to Microsoft for around US$400million but it eventually died. The new concept of OnLive is a new gaming experience which will put an end to the gaming console market. Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBOX, Nintendo, all would be doomed by this new technology. After the could computing technology now its the time to have a real cloud gaming. OnLive is launching on 24th March, 2009 (1hour 30mins from now at the time when I posted this article)

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Al Pacino’s Top-5 Best Movies

Al PacinoAl Pacino is one actor whom i respect the most when it comes to natural and spontaneous acting.The actor made his debut in the year 1969 but got recognition in the 1972’s classic movie “The GodFather” staring with the great Marlon Brando.Up till today he has done some really memorable movies,and here i will list my top 5 best Al Pacino movies.

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Gramophone Look-a-Like Speakers for Players

Gramophone SpkearsAre you a person who like antiques? If yes then you must read on this post.People of old generation listened to music on their gramophones but the trend flew down with the rise of speaker technology.However,some people kept their old gramophones with them as a antic piece but the only problem they had,that the music can’t be played on them.But now their is something to cheer about the gramophone speakers 😉

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Sony brought world’s first OLED flexible color screen

Sony OLED Flexible ScreenSony has brought to CES a flexible color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen that could be seen in future, highly portable electronics devices.

The screen, dubbed “Flex OLED” by Sony, is just a few inches across, is manufactured on a thin sheet of plastic and can be gently bent while it’s showing video.

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The New Samsung P3 Mp3 Player

Samsung P2 MP3 Player
Samsung P2 MP3 Player

Samsung has introduced the update of its MP3 player P2 namely as the MP3 player P3.To see details about the previous model you can visit Samsung’s website from here.But in my opinion this doesn’t looks like an update version,the previous was much stylish and very much trendy.The P3 is not getting much good reviews for the very same reason.Despite being it not getting a good response,it sure has some really good features.

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Microsoft Windows 7 and Live Wave 3 releasing in a day

Windows 7At the CES2009 conference, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced the beta version released of the most awaited new Microsoft Windows called Windows Seven (Windows 7) to the general public. Before this Windows 7 was only available for the Microsoft Developers Network to check the errors and bugs. Microsoft is very concerned about this new version of Windows because of its predator Windows Vista negative impact.

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Samsung new Luxia LED HDTV

Samsung Series 8 - 8000 LED HDTVToday (Jan. 7th, 2009) at CES2009 Samsung announced their new state of the art HDTV technology called Luxia LED. Luxia LED high definition television are made up of small light emitting diodes which give the users a better bright, sharp and clear picture quality. It is not just an old fashioned television box set, as I said its a new state of the art HDTV. It contians Ethernet and USB port.

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VLC Media Player 0.9

Playing video files of different types is a problem for the generic Windows Media Player. You need different codec to play files such as .avi files which are converted using XViD or DiVX or any other such type of encoders. So VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) is one of the best players that I came across.

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