Download New Apple Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard

Two weeks ago Apple released the Mac OS X 10.6.7 version for the developers. Today they have announced the public release of this version and the update of this operating system is available to download on Apple support website. The new version has some key updates of the operating system including the AirPlay support.

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Samsung and Sony Ericsson Left Symbian

Samsung has finally announced that they are no longer going to work on or support the symbian os for the mobile devices. Samsung has sent an email to symbian foundation that they are going to end the support for symbian by the end of this year. Samsung was one of the initial member of Symbian Foundation.

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Comparison of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

There are currently four giants in the IT Industry which are competing with each other in one or an other way. One starts to work on something and the other markets something else but much more attractive for the consumers. Sometimes I see all of them going on different directions to attract as many users as they can. For instance, Apple started to attract consumers with their Music gadget iPod and then came into the competition with a bigger and better version of the operating system to compete Microsoft, and Microsoft already holding the biggest market of operating system with Windows now jumps in with Microsoft Zune for music lovers.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Concept, Releasing in 2012

Windows 8 Conceptual LogoA month ago Microsoft released their new version of operating system, “Microsoft Windows 7”. Now after just one month of time people are curious to know how would the next version of Windows look like. So far in the history of Microsoft after Windows 98 the best operating system had been Windows XP. Now after the launch of this new Windows 7 operating system people are quite happy with the performance.

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Google Chrome OS, Will it beat Microsoft Windows?

Google LogoGoogle today announced officially the launch of the first Operating System by Google called “Google Chrome OS” and yes, its an Open Source Operating System. It is designed specially for the netbooks, as Google see an avalanche of netbooks coming into the market in the coming years. Google Chrome OS will be able to run on any x86 machine as well as the mobile AMR processor. Further Google said that the final version of the OS will be available in the market by the second half of year 2010. Google said that all the applications of Google Chrome OS will be web-based.

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Microsoft Windows 1.0 to Windows Seven Journey

Microsoft WindowsIts been over 23 years now that Microsoft first developed a graphical user interface operating system for the personal computers. Microsoft started its journey in 1985 with Microsoft Windows 1.0 and after that the popularity of Windows Operating System increased day by day. Today Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system used by the consumers. After producing the most popular operating system for personal computer MS DOS people wanted a change and easy to operating computer softwares. Windows operating system helped the consumer and simple novice users to play with the computers in a very user friendly way.

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Windows 7 will have three versions: Netbook, Consumer, Enterprise

Windows 7Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 (Se7en, Seven) is expected to launch by Janurary 2010. Microsoft announched that there will be three different type of Windows 7 – NetBook, Consumer, and Enterprise version. This new version only have seven major changes from the previous Windows Vista operating system. Taskbar is the major center of attraction for everyone.

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Windows 7 Screenshots and Features

Windows Seven Logo - Windows 7

A Long waited Microsoft Windows Seven finally showed up at Professional Developers Conference 2008. Microsoft officially showed the PreRelease version of the Windows 7.

Microsoft is working big time in releasing almost everything on a new massive scale. As I earlier mentioned about the Windows Live Wave 3, including the new Windows Live Hotmail, which is an entire new making of the Windows Live network.

Microsoft is also working on the new Microsoft Office, named as Microsoft Office 14.

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Microsoft Office 14 showing up next week

Microsoft is going to show up their new suite of MS Office to the people attending the Professional Developers’ Conference next week. A slideshow of the timeframe of the launch of Office 14 has already been released on the Internet.

The official release date of Office 14 was expected to be shipped in the market in late 2009 or early 2010 with the release of Windows 7 operating system. The previous version of Microsoft Office i.e. Office 2007 was released in year 2007 and it was seen that there were some major changes in it.

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