How to Run Multiple Skype in Windows

Many of my friends had been asking me to tell them some way of running multiple Skype messengers on Windows because usually most of them have multiple Skype IDs. So, I thought to put up a little help guide for you all and tell you how to run multi skype in Windows.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 Offline Standalone Installer

Sometimes I get trouble downloading the software from Internet because mostly they run the installer online. Downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader is a trouble too now because the new functionality of Adobe first downloads the Adobe Download Manager (ADM) and then install the desired product of Adobe through it. I hate installing useless applications on my system, so I decided to look for the offline standalone installer for Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.

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iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Developers can now download Apple iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The beta 2 version is available for developers of iOS only who have enrolled themselves as developers on Apple developer platform.

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How to Run World of Warcraft (WoW) on Ubuntu Linux

World of Warcraft also known as WoW is the most widely played online multi-player network game. According to my little knowledge there are over 4 million players registered on the Blizzard network who play WoW. The game is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is only available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating system. The users of Linux are quite dejected with that. But now I can give you a solution to run WoW on Ubuntu Linux.

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What are the responsibilities of a SQA Engineer?

SQA stands for Software Quality Assurance and is a very important part of Software Development Life Cycle. SQA is a process to test and verify each piece (module) of software according to the ‘requirements’. A person who performs testing is known as a SQA Engineer.

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Create 3D Buildings Using Google SketchUp

Google Sketchup ProGoogle SketchUp is software that can be used to assemble 3D illustration of  anything like a house, a building or other equipments. Google SketchUp facilitate its users by making them able to design their own houses, rooms, kitchens or a company can use it to design and construct its own building and its overall arrangements. It also has the facility to create simulations and then users can share them with their friends.

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Capture Screenshot, Edit and Share using SnagIt

TechSmith SnagIT LogoTechsmith SnagIt is a very easy and comprehensive tool to capture anything you see on the screen. You can then amend and combine the taken screen shots. The best part of this application is the option to directly share the screenshots with your friends, buddies, family members via email, IM, etc. In old days, first we used to take the screenshot, save it, edit it and then share it. SnagIt made it easier by simply taking a screenshot, edit it and sharing it.

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Advantages of Google Public DNS

Google LogoGoogle has introduced its own new free public DNS server service to all the users on internet. The system is named as Google Public DNS. The basic reason for the development of Google Public DNS server is to design a server that can provide comfort to all users for web-surfing practices more rapidly, safer and trustworthy. Continue reading “Advantages of Google Public DNS”

Microsoft Windows 8 Concept, Releasing in 2012

Windows 8 Conceptual LogoA month ago Microsoft released their new version of operating system, “Microsoft Windows 7”. Now after just one month of time people are curious to know how would the next version of Windows look like. So far in the history of Microsoft after Windows 98 the best operating system had been Windows XP. Now after the launch of this new Windows 7 operating system people are quite happy with the performance.

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How To: Windows Live Download, Offline Installer

Microsoft Windows Live LogoWindows Live which includes; Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Toolbar, Family Safe and Silverlight is installed using an Online installer from Many people don’t like this way of running the installation process online. Rather they prefer to download everything before and then install it from their own computer.

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