How to Enable Status Bar on Mozilla Firefox 4?

Mozilla Firefox removed the status bar / page load progress bar /download status bar from the newest version Firefox 4. I have no idea why they did it, but unfortunately they removed the status bar from Firefox 4. The reason most probably is to give more space to the content of the website rather than toolbars. I used to love it, and it was kind of help that you could determine that how much is the website loaded.

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Download Firefox 4.2a1 Available For Developers Today

Just after less than 48 hours after the release of Firefox 4 the Mozilla Firefox team released the next version of Firefox for the developers to work on it. Firefox 4.2 alpha 1 is available for download at Firefox Nightly for the developers. So the Firefox team is skipping the version 4.1 and directly jumping on to version Firefox 4.2 is what I see from the nightly latest trunk.

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Firefox 4 Gets 7.1Million Downloads in 24Hours

Firefox 4, the new version of Firefox released on 22nd March, got 7.1 million downloads worldwide in 24 hours. So, if someone asks, How many times Firefox 4 was downloaded in 24hours? You got the answer, its 7.1 million. But still wasn’t good enough to break the record of its predecessor Firefox 3. A year ago Firefox 3 came out and made its way to Genesis Book of Record with the highest downloads of 8 million in 24 hours.

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How to Fix WebGL Not Supported Issue in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox 4 which was released yesterday has revamped totally. The outlook of firefox 4 is better and quite improved one which give more space for the websites to be displayed. The tabs are neat and clean, and the browser it self is quite fast from the previous version. The best part in it, is the HTML5 support. Firefox 4 also support the new WebGL technology for embedding rich media into websites.

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Download New Mozilla Firefox 4 Before Release Date of 22nd March

Mozilla Firefox is the only browser on Windows platform which broke the backbone of Microsoft in the browser industry. Firefox was liked and loved by people all over the world and later Microsoft had to include the option for user choice of web browser while installing Windows 7. Mozilla Firefox 4, the newer version is scheduled to release tomorrow, i.e. 22nd March 2011, but here’s a hand-on to it before release date.

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Microsoft IE Users Dropping, Firefox Is Rising

Even after the launch of IE9 Beta by Microsoft, still the market trend of IE is falling greatly every month. Last year in September IE held the market with about 60% users, whereas this year it has dropped below 50%. IE8 was pretty good, but the new IE9 Beta is extremely better than the last one. Microsoft is trying to get back into the market with their new IE9.

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Microsoft Offering Browsers Other Than Internet Explorer

Microsoft started offering other Internet Browsers than their own Internet Explorer in the current update for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 in Europe. This is quite amazing, that even after making MSIE 8.0, Microsoft is losing their market in the Internet Browsers industry. Mozilla Firefox and then Google Chrome took over the browser market and I can see the downfall graphs of Internet Explorer.

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Mozilla Firefox fixed 3 critical errors, Firefox 3.0.7 is here

Mozilla Firefox LogoMozilla Firefox is one of the fastest growing Internet Browser for the PCs. After the monopoly of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox was the only one which successfully broke the monopoly and made its way into the users mind. So far Mozilla Firefox is considered to be as the best Internet Web Browser every. Mozilla Firefox team came up with 3 critical errors in their version 3.0.6 and immediately released the newer version of Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7.

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Google Toolbar 5 Beta for Firefox Released

Google Toolbar 5 Beta for FirefoxGoogle has updated the Google Toolbar for Firefox with its new version Google Toolbar 5 Beta. They have introduced four new features with this new toolbar. The most attractive one is the Notebook feature. It is specially good for bloggers and students or research workers. You can collect articles and stuff through this Notebook and then can use it later. Google team say “Clip and Collect Information” about this new feature.

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Which is the first web browser?

Mosaic LogoMany people still wonder that which web browser was the first one. Many think that Netscape was the first browser, but they are wrong. The first web browser was called “Mosaic”. Mosaic was developed by two guys¬†Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina at the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (also known as NCSA).

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