Filesonic Shutdown & Disabled. Has FBI Threatened Them Like Megaupload?

Last week the world’s biggest and most popular file sharing service website was blocked and seized by FBI because of the anti-piracy law. Just a day after SOPA and PIPA were withdrawn megaupload was seized by FBI on somewhat same basis what SOPA was claiming. Just few minutes ago,  second most popular file hosting website, filesonic shutdown and disabled their file sharing functionality

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How To Find The Owner of a Website?

If you’re poking around on someone’s website and you’re curious as to who may own the site or domain, but it’s impossible to tell – perhaps due to a sparse or even a non-existent “about” page – then WHOIS will help you get more information. Think of it as a directory inquiries service for the internet, allowing you to find out the details behind some of the biggest sites on the web. Some people block their information, but usually you can find out quite a bit, a great tool if you’re a company looking to advertise on a site but find yourselves unable to locate any contact details for the site’s owners or staff.

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Indian Media on Indian CBI Website Hacked by Pakistani Hacker

Yesterday the news came in that Pakistan Cyber Army a group called HEX786 hacked 270 websites of India including the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website. Today the Indian and Pakistani media has started reporting on this issue too. Some are calling it the start of cyber war. Previously, group from both the countries had been attacking on each other official websites, but this one is the biggest deface ever.

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Pakistani Hackers hacked 270 Indian official websites as reply back

Is it the beginning of cyber war? On 26th November 2010, Indian hackers called “Indian Cyber Army” hacked 40 major government websites of Pakistan by entering into the root of NTC servers. In reply to those 40 websites, a group of Pakistani hackers called HEX786 on 27th November 2010 announced that they have hacked 270 Indian official websites including Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website.

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How To Become a Famous Blogger

The best and the most important question to be answered. Blogging… Blogging… and Blogging… is one of the most hottest topic around the IT Professionals and even for non-technical. You get two things from blogging, may be more but I can think of just two at the moment or you may say ‘two important things you get from blogging‘.

Continue reading “How To Become a Famous Blogger” – The Best URL Shortening Service logo - shrink, short, trim your long URL linksIn past one year we have seen a lot of new URL shortening/trimming websites coming in and every new website has a unique and shortest domain. Few days back I heard about one of the newest and most shortest tiny URL generating website Oo.Ki is a new URL shortening service which trims, shrinks and shorten your long urls.

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YouTube Introduced New Features, 1080p Video

The most popular, and the most widely used online video sharing and viewing website YouTube owned by Google has introduced amazingly new features today at the start of year 2010. The old age of online streaming video has just passed away today with the new version of YouTube. The most prominent thing that is introduced is the High Definition video. Oh, not that previous ‘HD’ button. Now it has a new button – 360p – 480p – 720p and 1080p.

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Difference Between Facebook Live Feed and News Feed

Facebook LogoFew days back facebook (as usual) changed their main home page interface again. People are really hating facebook for this change again. When the users become used to of some interface, Facebook changes it again. These rapid changes are not liked by people. Recently the main page is changed and facebook introduced two quite complex things “News Feed” and “Live Feed“. 95% of the people are still not aware them that what are the differences in both these feeds.

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Win Google Wave Invitation For Free

Google Wave LogoI was one lucky person to get google wave account few days back. So today I thought why not have a competition of something or anything. But, still so far I couldn’t make up my mind what should it be. I guess I’ll just have to do a lucky draw among people and give them the Google Wave account.

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