How To Find The Owner of a Website?

If you’re poking around on someone’s website and you’re curious as to who may own the site or domain, but it’s impossible to tell – perhaps due to a sparse or even a non-existent “about” page – then WHOIS will help you get more information. Think of it as a directory inquiries service for the internet, allowing you to find out the details behind some of the biggest sites on the web. Some people block their information, but usually you can find out quite a bit, a great tool if you’re a company looking to advertise on a site but find yourselves unable to locate any contact details for the site’s owners or staff.

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New Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) Coming Soon

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved the new gTLD for Internet and said that this is going to bring the biggest change in the Internet world. ICANN holds 22 gTLDs including .com .net and .org domain names. The board of directors meeting was held on 20th June 2011 and 13 out of 16 voted ‘yes’ for the new gTLD.

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Microsoft IE Users Dropping, Firefox Is Rising

Even after the launch of IE9 Beta by Microsoft, still the market trend of IE is falling greatly every month. Last year in September IE held the market with about 60% users, whereas this year it has dropped below 50%. IE8 was pretty good, but the new IE9 Beta is extremely better than the last one. Microsoft is trying to get back into the market with their new IE9.

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How To Become a Famous Blogger

The best and the most important question to be answered. Blogging… Blogging… and Blogging… is one of the most hottest topic around the IT Professionals and even for non-technical. You get two things from blogging, may be more but I can think of just two at the moment or you may say ‘two important things you get from blogging‘.

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Google Launching Music Services Like iTunes

Google as we all know is the biggest company in the field of Internet with so many online services and the best part is most of them are free. Yesterday an article on Billboard gave us an idea about the new services soon going to start by┬áGoogle – Yes! it’s Google Music. Google has started circulating a proposal along major record companies for starting up a Music services.

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1Gbps Internet Service for US Home Users

Chattanooga (Tennessee) becomes the first city of US to have the 1Gbps Internet service for home users. A month back a Swedish mom installed a 40Gbps Internet connection at her home, I guess this launch for the US home users could be an answer to this. But still there is a huge difference in 40Gbps and 1Gbps ­čÖé

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IPv4 dying in 10months. Is it Y2k11?

IPv4 is a 32bit Internet Protocol system which can hold only up to 4 billion addresses. The Internet agencies knew that 4billion addresses will short fall very soon, because of the massive avalanche of people getting online. Every mobile phone and some gadgets are getting online too in comparison of the computer systems around the world. So the IT industry started working on the newer version called IPv6 (IP version 6) since last 10 years.

Continue reading “IPv4 dying in 10months. Is it Y2k11?” – The Best URL Shortening Service logo - shrink, short, trim your long URL linksIn past one year we have seen a lot of new URL shortening/trimming websites coming in and every new website has a unique and shortest domain. Few days back I heard about one of the newest and most shortest tiny URL generating website Oo.Ki is a new URL shortening service which trims, shrinks and shorten your long urls.

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Pakistan blocked Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, etc.

On 19th May 2010, Pakistani government got active against the drawings of Muslims last prophet Muhammad (pbuh) over the Internet. Molly Norris initially started this issue and Muslims were already angry at the Danish cartoonist who drew photos of Muhammad (pbuh) and later the very famous cartoon series South Park targeted the hearts of Muslims around the world.

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