Will I Buy iPhone 4S or Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus?

This is one of the most confusing question to ask right now at this stage that iPhone 4S is better or Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus? Formally it was known that the handset will be called Google Nexus Prime but now some say it will be called Samsung Galaxy Nexus. To be honest, I am still not sure myself. Ok, whatever that will be called, but the real question is which smartphone should one buy this month?

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Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy SII – Fact Sheet

Couple of days ago Apple launched their new mobile phone handset which was expected to be called iPhone 5 but then came out to be iPhone 4S. The world was waiting anxiously that what the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook is going to show in the launch but most of the people were extremely disappointed. People were expecting something big and were foreseeing the new iPhone to become the world’s best phone but unfortunately it was “just another ordinary phone” and the outlook of the handset is exactly the same as iPhone 4. While googling I came across a fact sheet of Samsung Galaxy SII vs Apple iPhone 4S.

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Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla Screen Broken

Samsung Galaxy S was the most hyped smartphone handset of the year 2010 and still it is. Samsung Galaxy S II is on the other hand released couple of months ago has broken all records. The major reason for the hype of Galaxy S were the Super AMOLED screen and the Gorilla Glass. There were quite a few stress tests on different blogs, but I just happened to see a broken Gorilla Glass. Read more to see the picture.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Launching in Last Week Of April 2011

On 13th Feb, 2011 Samsung announced the new Samsung Galaxy S2 at Mobile World Congress 2011, since then the news about the new handset started rolling out. On the same day the specifications of Galaxy S2 were leaked and later the photos started coming in. The news started falling in later that Samsung has decided to upgrade the processor from 1Ghz dual-core to 1.2Ghz dual-core.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini, Specification Leak 1.4Ghz Processor

UK’s cellular company Three ‘3’ summer lineup road-map got leaked and was captured by Engadget. Everyone was waiting for the bigger Samsung Galaxy S2 but we have some new things coming this April. The mini version of Galaxy S2 which is not actually mini. Loaded with Android Gingerbread and 1.4Ghz Processor, I can’t say its mini.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Leaked – Dual Core, Gingerbread & 3D AMOLED Screen

Samsung Galaxy S II picture was leaked today and the little specification which looks quite attractive. Samsung Galaxy S2 is expected to have 1Ghz dual core processor with Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The previous handset Samsung Galaxy S became quite popular and was sold in huge numbers. The major reason for the success of this handset was Samsung‘s Super AMOLED screen.

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Motorola Hits Back on Apple with XOOM in Super Bowl Commercial

Motorola created hype for its new tablet since quite long with the new Android tablet OS version honeycomb. Apple last year launched the iPad which gave a new dimension to the gadgets line. Later Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab Android based tablet and became the direct competitor with Apple iPad. Dell also launched Dell Streak which is Windows 7 based. Now Motorola is striking with its Tablet.

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Samsung Manufactured Google Nexus S Android Gingerbread Phone

I think the Super AMOLED screen has worked out great for Samsung and everyone is liking it. The display of Super AMOLED is seriously amazing and gives a crystal clear image. May be this is the reason that Google has decided to try out Samsung for their next upcoming Nexus S handset.

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Samsung and Sony Ericsson Left Symbian

Samsung has finally announced that they are no longer going to work on or support the symbian os for the mobile devices. Samsung has sent an email to symbian foundation that they are going to end the support for symbian by the end of this year. Samsung was one of the initial member of Symbian Foundation.

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First Transparent OLED Laptop by Samsung

A year and half ago, pickmore posted an article about the Sony Vaio conceptual transparent laptop screen. After a year, Samsung became the world’s first company to introduce the transparent screen. Samsung demonstrated the transparent screen on CES 2010 in January, which amazed many people and announced the launch of the product within next 12 months.

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