Bing & Yahoo Will Search From Facebook?

Microsoft developed the bing search engine and marketed it at extreme so that they could somehow come close to the search engine market of google. Microsoft also made a deal with Yahoo! the second biggest search engine which is now ‘powered by BING’. After all this, we are still able to see more things coming in from Microsoft for the bing network.

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Google’s New Instant Search Result – Better or Not?

Google the world’s biggest search engine is always looking for new techniques and try different algorithms for the searchers to reach the closest results what they are looking for. Google index the most number of websites in their search and it is increasing monthly by huge numbers. Google yesterday announced a new way “Google Instant” for searching.

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Google is not safe for children

I was waiting for my Pizza and didn’t had anything to do, so decided to check out google. I started searching for different things. First I tried searching my name and found out that Talal Masood appears on the top of google search suggestion result. Later, I was searching the Internet and came across a blog about the google search suggestions and found out that Google is not save for children anymore.

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How Google See Your Website? Google Crawler Explained

One of the biggest and most complex answerable question is that how search engines especially google see your website to list it in the search engine. Everyone has a different point of view. I have already described in an article a while ago some of the important tips for web developers while designing their website. There are yet little but very important issues which you have to keep in mind while making a website. Usually these few things were ignored fully by web developers.

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Google had a problem with SERPs

GoogleYesterday Google was having some error with their search engine. Maxim yesterday reported to Google that he is receiving a strange kind of SERPs from Google when he is trying to search on with “site:www”. Later Philipp Lenssen from Google Blogoscoped posted it and was still unsure that was it an error or what. The results on SERPs were showing the urls of the results as “www/google/com” instead of “”. You can see the screenshot below.

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Google Toolbar 5 Beta for Firefox Released

Google Toolbar 5 Beta for FirefoxGoogle has updated the Google Toolbar for Firefox with its new version Google Toolbar 5 Beta. They have introduced four new features with this new toolbar. The most attractive one is the Notebook feature. It is specially good for bloggers and students or research workers. You can collect articles and stuff through this Notebook and then can use it later. Google team say “Clip and Collect Information” about this new feature.

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Why everyone wants search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a new technique introduced a couple of years back in time. The main purpose of SEO is to make your website appear in the top 10 or 20 results on search engine result pages. Google played a very important role in all this by setting up some standards for websites designing and developing. Google being the top search engine on the Internet hold a kind of minoply over the Internet. Today I would like to shed a light on search engine optimization that why everyone is running for it?

During this last decade the Internet related computer industry grew bigger and bigger on hourly basis. The following image can show you the growth rate of Websites on the Internet over the last few years.

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Britney Spears, top searched keyword

Its been almost 3 years now that Britney Spears is still maintaining its top ranking on the keywords of the major search engines. Britney Spears keywords is counted among the ever most popular keyword of all time till now which is searched THE most on the Internet. It is not counted among the most searched celebrities or most searched singer, rather it is the most searched keyword.

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Google New Search Page – SearchWiki

On 20th November 2008, Google introduced a new feature with their search engine called SearchWiki. Many of you must have seen a three new icons with each result that you get in the search engine (you need to log in to your google account to see it). Google is giving it all in the hands of its users to customize everything they want to.

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