Microsoft IE Users Dropping, Firefox Is Rising

Even after the launch of IE9 Beta by Microsoft, still the market trend of IE is falling greatly every month. Last year in September IE held the market with about 60% users, whereas this year it has dropped below 50%. IE8 was pretty good, but the new IE9 Beta is extremely better than the last one. Microsoft is trying to get back into the market with their new IE9.

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Apple 27″ LED Cinema vs Dell 30″ UltraSharp U3011 LCD Monitor

Apple started selling their new state of the art LED Cinema Display Monitor of 27-inches screen size. The monitor is all in one type of screen with USB, Charger, Camera, Mic, Speakers and the price is just $999. On the other hand Dell introduced the new 30-inches screen with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution for $1499.

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First Transparent OLED Laptop by Samsung

A year and half ago, pickmore posted an article about the Sony Vaio conceptual transparent laptop screen. After a year, Samsung became the world’s first company to introduce the transparent screen. Samsung demonstrated the transparent screen on CES 2010 in January, which amazed many people and announced the launch of the product within next 12 months.

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External USB SATA Drive Dock

Being professionals we usually have more than one harddrive for our use. We need to keep them safe as we have a lot of data in it. But the problem is when we have to get some data from any old harddrive then we have to plug it each time to the computer. To change a hard drive again and again is actually a time taking process.

PiixL EdgeCenter Super Slim Media Center PC For Flat Panel

PiixL EdgeCenterThis is the first of its kind the super slim media center pc form Piixl, The UK based brand that has come with its unique design of media center pc EdgeCenter 3770 that fits perfect behind your flat panel TV “LED, LCD or Plasma”. You can have unlimited entertainment with this pc, It is equipped with  Intel Core2Due, Core2Quard, Corei5, Corei7, and dual-Xeon configurations.

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Capture Screenshot, Edit and Share using SnagIt

TechSmith SnagIT LogoTechsmith SnagIt is a very easy and comprehensive tool to capture anything you see on the screen. You can then amend and combine the taken screen shots. The best part of this application is the option to directly share the screenshots with your friends, buddies, family members via email, IM, etc. In old days, first we used to take the screenshot, save it, edit it and then share it. SnagIt made it easier by simply taking a screenshot, edit it and sharing it.

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Windows7 Launch Video, New York 22nd October 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 LogoWindows 7 the most awaited operating system and the proud statement rose again “I’m A PC”. Microsoft has struck hard and produced the best operating system after Windows XP. Microsoft says that Windows 7 will become more famous and more successful than Windows XP which is still the widely used operating system on a PC. According to the reporter of CNET, Microsoft emphasised more on their Windows 7 product during the launching ceremony as compared to the two years ago launch of Windows Vista. Here is the full keynote video of 22nd October 2009 Windows 7 Launch in New York City – USA.

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Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q1500 World’s Smallest Mini PC

Fujitsu Mini PCFujistu unveils a new mini PC which is no doubt a very small one in size. Mini computers are growing rapidly in this 21st century as our mobile phones are becoming a sort of computer systems too because they are now equipped with processors, rams and storage space. Netbooks were recently introduced too to cop-up with the current market trend of things getting smaller and useful. Fujistu introduced a real mini PC with a core2duo processor in it.

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Symantec started crackdown on warez websites

Symantec LogoSymantec Corporation, the company which owns the Norton Antivirus software has started a massive crackdown against the warez website. Recently there were a lot of free downloading websites reported which were giving different software to download with cracked versions.

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Google Chrome OS, Will it beat Microsoft Windows?

Google LogoGoogle today announced officially the launch of the first Operating System by Google called “Google Chrome OS” and yes, its an Open Source Operating System. It is designed specially for the netbooks, as Google see an avalanche of netbooks coming into the market in the coming years. Google Chrome OS will be able to run on any x86 machine as well as the mobile AMR processor. Further Google said that the final version of the OS will be available in the market by the second half of year 2010. Google said that all the applications of Google Chrome OS will be web-based.

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