Watch Video: Gmail Motion April Fool Prank Becomes Reality!

Gmail Motion becomes reality with Microsoft Xbox Kinect. As I already published in my 1st April post about Gmail Motion that it is something similar to the Microsoft Xbox Kinect which captures the body movements and performs the action. So the Gmail Motion prank is not a prank anymore and is possible and is implemented by some genius people from University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies.

[youtube Lfso7_i9Ko8]

The brilliant guys with the help of Xbox Kinect camera implemented the same actions to reply back to the email and sending the email by licking a stamp and pasting it on to an imaginary envelope. The researchers used their technology SLOOW (Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving) to make this prank come true. This same team in December 2010 also used their technology Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) to play World of Warcraft by their body motion.

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