Watch Video: Gmail Motion April Fool Prank Becomes Reality!

Gmail Motion becomes reality with Microsoft Xbox Kinect. As I already published in my 1st April post about Gmail Motion that it is something similar to the Microsoft Xbox Kinect which captures the body movements and performs the action. So the Gmail Motion prank is not a prank anymore and is possible and is implemented by some genius people from University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies.

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Bye Bye To Keyboard and Mouse with Gmail Motion, Type with Webcam

Gmail team today launched a new exciting feature which I guess will become very popular in no time and people will actually like it. The conventional way or writing and email is with your keyboard and mouse, how about writing without them? Your webcam will capture your motion to write your emails! Yes, its true!

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Google Circles: A New Social Network Attempt – True?

Google previously attempted twice to enter into the social network market after having a huge success and then failure of Orkut which was not of Google initially, but later was adopted by Google. Google then dipped their fingers in with Google Wave which was a very unique and great thing, but was left out again and finally Google had to end that project too. This will be third attempt from Google to start something like Facebook and Twitter.

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Google Android 2.4 to be called ‘Ice Cream’

Since last few months the Google Android-phobia has taken over the world. It appears to me that the world has forgotten what Apple is. Though the Apple lovers are very stubborn and they stick to Apple products no matter what. Google recently released the latest version Android 2.3 Gingerbread and now the new version’s name buzz is all around.

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Samsung Manufactured Google Nexus S Android Gingerbread Phone

I think the Super AMOLED screen has worked out great for Samsung and everyone is liking it. The display of Super AMOLED is seriously amazing and gives a crystal clear image. May be this is the reason that Google has decided to try out Samsung for their next upcoming Nexus S handset.

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iPhone, Android & Blackberry Users – What they feel and think! Cartoon

iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry – and I hope to see Windows Phone 7 in the competition chart soon too. iPhone users think they are the coolest ones and elite class with style. Android users represent themselves as geeks! and Blackberry is obviously a businessman’s choice. A cartoonist chart made by cSectionComics defines the role of these three smartphone owners.

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Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

Google built one of the best Internet browser but I guess they forgot some issues in it. I faced a lot of difficulty installing it over the networked computer. If you have a computer where users log in to their own accounts, then Google Chrome has to be installed in each and every user account seperately.

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Microsoft To Buy Adobe

Adobe, one of the biggest name in the media design IT company which few years back acquired Macromedia which introduced Flash in to the Internet website industry. Microsoft and Adobe CEOs met today in a secret meeting were some high level discussions where made which are still behind the curtain and unknown to us so far.

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How To Become a Famous Blogger

The best and the most important question to be answered. Blogging… Blogging… and Blogging… is one of the most hottest topic around the IT Professionals and even for non-technical. You get two things from blogging, may be more but I can think of just two at the moment or you may say ‘two important things you get from blogging‘.

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Google Launching Music Services Like iTunes

Google as we all know is the biggest company in the field of Internet with so many online services and the best part is most of them are free. Yesterday an article on Billboard gave us an idea about the new services soon going to start by¬†Google – Yes! it’s Google Music. Google has started circulating a proposal along major record companies for starting up a Music services.

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