Samsung Manufactured Google Nexus S Android Gingerbread Phone

I think the Super AMOLED screen has worked out great for Samsung and everyone is liking it. The display of Super AMOLED is seriously amazing and gives a crystal clear image. May be this is the reason that Google has decided to try out Samsung for their next upcoming Nexus S handset.

Yes, so finally HTC is out and Samsung is in for Google. The new version of Android Gingerbread 2.3 will be on Nexus S and the processor that I have heard so far would be 1.2GHz Hummingbird CPU. Its a 4″ touchscreen and has a 5MP camera which can record 1080p HD video. Engadget released some pictures of the handset today which they took at the Web 2.0 submit when the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt was holding the new Nexus S handset. They asked Eric to show them the handset, but didn’t let the Engadget team touch it.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Rumors had been on the Internet for a long time that Google is soon planing to release the Nexus Two handset but many of blogger said that they are still not sure. Now finally we got to know that Google had been working on the new handset with Samsung.

And yes, not to forget, Nexus S has a new NFC (Near Field Communication) feature which will make you creditcard-less. The feature which engadget liked the most was the turn off screen animation which is something you used to see in the old CRT Television sets.

[youtube k2ivG0IvckM nolink]

[Via: Engadget]

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