Hands on: Huawei Honor First Look – 1.4GHz CPU, 8MP Camera, 4″ Screen Android Smartphone

Huawei is soon striking the market of Mobile phone industry with an honor. Yes, the top of the range new Android based smart is named “Huawei Honor” with the blazing 1.4GHz CPU Processor power and 512MB of RAM. The 4 inches huge screen with 16million […]

Hands on: Huawei Vision First Look – 1Ghz CPU, 3.7″ Screen, 5MP Camera, Android

Huawei released the new Android smartphone handset ‘Huawei Vision’ and PickMore got the chance to exclusively get the hands on this new smartphone. Huawei is coming up with extremely amazing handsets within last year which are affordable android based smartphones. Huawei IDEOS was one of […]