Lego makes a Disturbing Version of MonaLisa

LEGO LegoThey say art could be of any type and it could be anywhere.Mona Lisa the famous painting,by Leonardo Da Vinci.This famous art work has been admired all over the world and is surely a masterpiece.Lately Lego got into the act,by making famous painting in Lego style.It was sure fun when i saw the pics,one of them which was Mona Lisa.But i don’t know whether this is something to be appreciated or not because some painting looked funny giving not such a great respect to the original.

Here is the original Mona Lisa painting

Monalisa by Linardo Da Vinci

And here is the one made by Lego

Monalisa by Lego

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]I just don’t know what to say,because i know many art lovers would really hate this very fact that the Lego version sucks big time.I am not saying that it had to be somewhat similar to the original,the point i conflict is that Lego could have done better and try to give a good appreciation instead of making a fun.

Lego has done many works like making different objects and i appreciate such ones.But this totally took me by a shock.What do you think of this version of Mona Lisa.

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