Robot Machine that Draws – Paul Hoc (Video)

Paul Hoc Drawing Robot MachinePaul Hoc is a new Robot in an experimental phase which can draw patterns and paintings. This machine can be used for drawing different patterns which could be used in any industry like cloth designing, architectural designing, car designing and so on. Paul Hoc is a product of ObjetGraphik. Imagine the time when the embrodery on clothes were done by hands, but soon this machine will be available for the public.

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Lego makes a Disturbing Version of MonaLisa

LEGO LegoThey say art could be of any type and it could be anywhere.Mona Lisa the famous painting,by Leonardo Da Vinci.This famous art work has been admired all over the world and is surely a masterpiece.Lately Lego got into the act,by making famous painting in Lego style.It was sure fun when i saw the pics,one of them which was Mona Lisa.But i don’t know whether this is something to be appreciated or not because some painting looked funny giving not such a great respect to the original.

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