Jake Foley’s Design for the Apple Bicycle

Apple Bicycle DesignApple always gets its name up with new and innovative stuff.Designer Jake Foley has designed a beautiful and very inspiring Apple Bicycle.The design has a Apple scroll to connect with your iPod Nano,a hard-case for your Laptop and few more classy features to add up.
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Lego makes a Disturbing Version of MonaLisa

LEGO LegoThey say art could be of any type and it could be anywhere.Mona Lisa the famous painting,by Leonardo Da Vinci.This famous art work has been admired all over the world and is surely a masterpiece.Lately Lego got into the act,by making famous painting in Lego style.It was sure fun when i saw the pics,one of them which was Mona Lisa.But i don’t know whether this is something to be appreciated or not because some painting looked funny giving not such a great respect to the original.

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Paul Hox is a Robot for Design Making

Robot IllustrationTechnology today is a great asset for mankind as it enables us to do so many things which we didn’t imagined to do so.The most important and worked out in technology are the robots,to achieve a 100% IQ like humans so they can behave like us.So is there any harm if one day the robots take over us in everything !!.This is a question which is very much debatable,but i don’t want to get into all this.Paul Hox is a robot designed by Objetgraphik,to make exclusive and unique designs.Something human artists do with perfection !!

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Excellent Sock Art Camera

Sock Art CameraWatching beautiful views and get amazed is human nature.But when it comes to geeks the idea of amusement changes,for as they just love all what is reated to technology.Sock Art is a technique in which you make different things with the help of socks ( but those socks don’t stink..lol ).Anyways,so here you can see pics of a camera made out from socks and is a very good sock art.This post goes to all the geeks out there…yo 😀 Continue reading “Excellent Sock Art Camera”