Download Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 Platform Preview 1 Released

Microsoft yesterday showed the first look of the new Internet Explorer 10. Yes, IE10 first initial features were shown in the video at MIX’11 yesterday. IE9 was launched a month back but that does not mean Microsoft is now going to get quite on the browser war. The new techniques and features are going to be there in IE10 but the question right now which everyone is asking is, will IE10 run on Windows Vista?

We are not sure of this too as Windows 8 news that is coming out on daily basis shows that IE10 is the part of Windows 8. So it means the newer version of Microsoft Windows and the current Windows 7 will be the main platforms for MSIE10. IE10’s main new feature showed is the CSS Gradient maker and the multiple column layouts.

Download IE10 Platform Preview 1 – Click here

You can also see the video below which shows the first preview of IE10. (You need Silverlight to view this video)

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