IE10 For Windows Vista? Microsoft Says: No!

Microsoft yesterday announced their new browser Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) at the event MIX ’11. I too mentioned in my post yesterday about ‘Download IE10‘ that it is not yet confirmed that will it be available for the Windows Vista users or not. Microsoft clarifies it now, that IE10 will not be available for Windows Vista users.

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Download Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 Platform Preview 1 Released

Microsoft yesterday showed the first look of the new Internet Explorer 10. Yes, IE10 first initial features were shown in the video at MIX’11 yesterday. IE9 was launched a month back but that does not mean Microsoft is now going to get quite on the browser war. The new techniques and features are going to be there in IE10 but the question right now which everyone is asking is, will IE10 run on Windows Vista?

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Windows XP/Vista/7 Run Commands

Microsoft Windows LogoMany people sometimes use the RUN option in the start menu of Windows to execute certain applications. The advance users prefer typing with keyboards instead of using the mouse clicks. It is easy to just simply launch some application from the run menu rather than holding your mouse over to some menu and then click, click and click. For instance, I dont go to the Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories and then open Paint. Instead what I do is, I simply open start menu and type mspaint in the RUN command line and enter – there you go. Similarly for launching the calculator, I simply type calc in the RUN command line.

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Microsoft Windows 1.0 to Windows Seven Journey

Microsoft WindowsIts been over 23 years now that Microsoft first developed a graphical user interface operating system for the personal computers. Microsoft started its journey in 1985 with Microsoft Windows 1.0 and after that the popularity of Windows Operating System increased day by day. Today Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system used by the consumers. After producing the most popular operating system for personal computer MS DOS people wanted a change and easy to operating computer softwares. Windows operating system helped the consumer and simple novice users to play with the computers in a very user friendly way.

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USB 3.0 to be supported on Windows Vista at least

Los Angeles, November 9, 2008: For those of you unaware Microsoft’s talk last Thursday at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference centered around the delays in the finalization of specifications of USB 3.0. The expected final specifications are to be announced in San Jose, Calif., on November 17.

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