Skype Coming on Windows Phone 7 But No Support For Two-Way Video Calling Yet!

On MIX ’11 Microsoft’s VP for Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore announced that Skype is making its way on to Windows Phone 7 pretty soon. On the same event, Microsoft announced the release of the famous game Angry Birds too. Skype is so far known as the best VoIP calling service which enables mobile users to call through Internet instead of their mobile carrier service provider.

The biggest question so far that everyone is wondering about is about the video calling support. So far all the Windows Phone 7 devices lack the front camera, so it makes it pretty clear that at least for now, there will be no support for two-way video calling with Skype on Windows Phone 7. Researchers are pretty much sure that Microsoft collaboration with Nokia will give a new step to the devices, and the future devices will have the full support and will be equipped with the front camera. I when Skype will launch on Windows Phone 7, it would be one of the best mobile applications as it will provide the users to call people without the use of mobile network.

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