42 Free Windows 8 Wallpapers

Microsoft‘s new operating system Windows 8 will be hitting the market most probably in year 2012. In my article in Feb 2010, I also discussed that may be Windows 8 is just a code name and will be called “Windows.Next“. We are still not sure because Microsoft is good at keeping secrets. Everyone is quite excited about the new metro style user interface of Windows 8 and a lot of people wants to try it out. Windows 8 developer’s preview is available to download from Microsoft’s website too.

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Download Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 Platform Preview 1 Released

Microsoft yesterday showed the first look of the new Internet Explorer 10. Yes, IE10 first initial features were shown in the video at MIX’11 yesterday. IE9 was launched a month back but that does not mean Microsoft is now going to get quite on the browser war. The new techniques and features are going to be there in IE10 but the question right now which everyone is asking is, will IE10 run on Windows Vista?

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Download Windows 8 Will Become Most Trendy in 2012

Download Microsoft Windows 8 is becoming quite popular among the bloggers and Internet searches these days. The screenshots of the new operating system is coming out quite frequently now. Mostly they are published by two or three blogs only. The major interface change that is noticed is only the login screen and the taskbar of Microsoft Windows 8 which now shows your Windows Live display picture.

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Microsoft “Windows.Next” Coming After Windows 7

Microsoft’s project manager on 31st Jan. 2010 posted a blog post on MSDN and then removed it. In that post he mentioned about the success of Windows 7 and wrote about how Microsoft was successful in meeting the requirements and wants of their consumers through Windows 7. In my opinion Windows 7 was really a success and people actually loved the efficiency of Windows beside the awesome appearance.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Concept, Releasing in 2012

Windows 8 Conceptual LogoA month ago Microsoft released their new version of operating system, “Microsoft Windows 7”. Now after just one month of time people are curious to know how would the next version of Windows look like. So far in the history of Microsoft after Windows 98 the best operating system had been Windows XP. Now after the launch of this new Windows 7 operating system people are quite happy with the performance.

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