Comparison of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

There are currently four giants in the IT Industry which are competing with each other in one or an other way. One starts to work on something and the other markets something else but much more attractive for the consumers. Sometimes I see all of them going on different directions to attract as many users as they can. For instance, Apple started to attract consumers with their Music gadget iPod and then came into the competition with a bigger and better version of the operating system to compete Microsoft, and Microsoft already holding the biggest market of operating system with Windows now jumps in with Microsoft Zune for music lovers.

Similarly Yahoo started as a search engine and became the biggest online instant messenger service with the most widely used web-based email service. Later Google came and started directly competing with Yahoo! in the search engine market and took the lead in all the aspects of search engine and later became the pioneer in giving the biggest inbox space for web-based email services with Gmail. Microsoft was famous for its operating system ‘Windows’ and then started many more things, including the online web-based services like hotmail, online instant messenger ‘MSN’, search engine and so on. Microsoft initially had the search engine named MSN, then renamed it to ‘‘ and now the final step is ‘Bing‘. Oh yea, and not to forget Microsoft was sued for using the name ‘Bing’ by a company named ‘Bing Information Designs‘.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Nick Bilton from New York Times made a very good report on all these four competitors and shared which company is interest in which field in the IT Industry. The above chart exactly shows the interest of each company. Yahoo lags behind according to this chart and the news which we hear since quite a long time that Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo is still there.

Coming back to the Google and Microsoft, Google seems to be working on their operating system which many people have also unleashed on different blogs. But I don’t think that Google OS will be a threat to Microsoft at least for next upcoming 10 years. So Google is lagging behind, still because of no operating system and no gaming console or games.


Microsoft seems to be the most powerful player of the IT Industry right now with everything except any Microsoft Phone, but they are still having the best Windows Mobile operating system which is the most common OS for the HTC and i-Mate mobile phones. Google ranks the second according to this chart, and strangely they are not yet into Gaming and Music. Apple ranks the third and I guess they don’t even need MAPS or Social Networking right now. They are going pretty good in their current field. At the last, its Yahoo! Inc. which is specific to the Web technologies and is not moving out of there.

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