Comparison of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

There are currently four giants in the IT Industry which are competing with each other in one or an other way. One starts to work on something and the other markets something else but much more attractive for the consumers. Sometimes I see all of them going on different directions to attract as many users as they can. For instance, Apple started to attract consumers with their Music gadget iPod and then came into the competition with a bigger and better version of the operating system to compete Microsoft, and Microsoft already holding the biggest market of operating system with Windows now jumps in with Microsoft Zune for music lovers.

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Pharos Traveler 137 Smart Phone – GPS Network Independent

What if you go somewhere unknown,relying on your GPS enabled mobile phone but found out that your GPS network is not available,well Pharos Traveler 137 Smart Phone would be the solution for you.This phone doesn’t requires a specific GPS network to work with,it founds out the GPS network for you and starts working.Isn’t this useful !!

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Google Maps With GPS Tracker 14

If you are on the move and you have a laptop with any GPRS or 3G device, then with the help of this software you can find your exact location anywhere in the world.

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