Angry Birds Releasing on Windows Phone 7 on 25th May

Microsoft at the second day of MIX ’11 announced that Windows Phone 7 has around 13,000 application in the store and the most popular game on handsets, Angry Birds is releasing on 25th of May 2011 on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft recently collaborated with Nokia to start the development of handsets for Windows Phone 7 and Nokia will gradually decrease the usage of Symbian OS. On the event MIX ’11 Microsoft announced that the popular game Angry Birds made by Ravio is going to hit Windows Phone 7 on May 25th, 2011. Let’s see when the satellite phones get games too. I guess satellite phone plans need to have more games, because the one using it may be somewhere lost in the world and needs something for entertainment. 🙂

Angry Birds running on Windows Phone 7
Angry Birds running on Windows Phone 7

In an interview with AllThingsD the vice president of Microsoft also told about the Angry Birds. So finally the game lovers who were avoiding Windows Phone 7 because of the addiction of Angry Birds are going to get it now.

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