Angry Birds Releasing on Windows Phone 7 on 25th May

Microsoft at the second day of MIX ’11 announced that Windows Phone 7 has around 13,000 application in the store and the most popular game on handsets, Angry Birds is releasing on 25th of May 2011 on Windows Phone 7.

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OnLive Cloud Gaming, No Need To Buy Gaming Consoles

OnLiveYes! The title says it all! Steve Pearlman is back in the news with his new OnLive cloud gaming technology. At GDC ’09 Steve Pearlman came up with his new cloud gaming OnLive service. Steve Pearlman was the person who sold the WebTV technology to Microsoft for around US$400million but it eventually died. The new concept of OnLive is a new gaming experience which will put an end to the gaming console market. Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBOX, Nintendo, all would be doomed by this new technology. After the could computing technology now its the time to have a real cloud gaming. OnLive is launching on 24th March, 2009 (1hour 30mins from now at the time when I posted this article)

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Electronic Interactive Cube Puzzle Game

Electronic Cube Puzzle Game The electronic version of Rubik’s Cube was a great addition to puzzle games. Now ThinkGeek presents you with the electronic cube puzzle game which is looks great and promises to be a good time pass. The puzzle game comprises of 4 cubes, each with a electronic display. Every puzzle cube comes up with a separate image, then you have to arrange all the cubes and join together to make the full image. Moreover, not only does it has images it also features words to make. Read more for the video of this electronic interactive cube puzzle game.

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Microsoft XBox Live Future in 2009

xbox liveAt CES2009 today Microsoft presented the new upcoming features of XBox Live. Microsoft has already sold 17 Million Xbox Live across the world till year 2008. The upcoming title of Microsoft Xbox’s most astonishing game “HALO” will have two different kind of games.

  • HALO Wars – which is a stretigical game, not the one you have already played. ┬áIt will be available in the market by Feb. 28th, 2009.
  • The other title is HALO 3 ODST – this is the known type of game that you have already experienced in the previous version. It will be out in somewhere Spring 2009.

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