Yahoo! Mail Under Maintenance

Yahoo! MailYahoo Mail is not working right now. My friend Hassan just showed me the screenshot of the Yahoo! Mail and asked me that what is the issue. He is not that much into computers so he thought there might be some problem with his logging in.Yahoo Mail service is out of order and will remain for one whole day. The maintenance time begins at Friday 13th March 2009 and will end by Saturday 14th March 2009.

Yahoo Mail Under Maintenance

Yahoo is providing a web-based email service for overĀ  a decade now and still is one of the most popular email service around the world. Yahoo! was the first one to upgrade the inbox capacity to 100mb and later 1gb after the launch of google’s gmail service, and now Yahoo Mail has unlimited storage space for its users. The maintenance going on is obviously to serve better to the users but the point to think about is, is Yahoo putting some more cool service in their email? or is it just maintenance?

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