Bing & Yahoo Will Search From Facebook?

Microsoft developed the bing search engine and marketed it at extreme so that they could somehow come close to the search engine market of google. Microsoft also made a deal with Yahoo! the second biggest search engine which is now ‘powered by BING’. After all this, we are still able to see more things coming in from Microsoft for the bing network.

Today I was searching some images, and when I was not able to find a relevant picture on Google, I opened Yahoo! (usually my preferred second search engine is bing). In Yahoo! Images at the bottom I saw a footer that Yahoo can search from your photo album of facebook. As Yahoo is powered by bing, I quickly opened and tried to see there, but there was no such message over there.

Finally I got to know that tomorrow Microsoft and Facebook are going to make some announcement about some venture. What I can guess from here is that, Microsoft Bing is going to search results from social media networks such as facebook. It will be able to search your image gallery from facebook, flicker, and other such websites too. So, usually now everyone after the final launch of Windows Live Essential 2011 can connect and link their facebook, flickr, youtube, linkedin and other social networks with Live network.

Lets wait for tomorrow and see what are these two big giants bringing for us.

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