Watch iPod Movies in High Resolution with iPod Dock

iPodThe best way to watch movies is on your LCD or on Plasma TV with high resolution.Most of the people today have iPod today and watch their movies on it.Xantech has launched the XIS100 iPod dock,which allows you to watch movies on your Plasma TV with a high resolution.Below you can see some of the key features of it.

Xantech iPod DockHere are the features

  • Stand-Alone iPod Dock
  • Stylish Remote with Hi-End chrome design
  • Compatible with all current iPods (iPod Classic, iPod Touch, Nano 3G etc)
  • Allows menu viewing and control direct from any viewing monitor (i.e. Plasma, LCD Projector etc)
  • Component video and composite video output
  • RS-232 and IR controllable
  • Touch Panel Support
  • Multi-Language menu support
  • Direct IR input on rear
  • Works as stand alone or via on-screen video display
  • Album Art Display
  • Metadata to and from Xantech CSPLCD Displays with multi-line display (or to XTR39 with new RF2IR2w)
  • Single Line Meta-data Display with Xantech MRC Keypads
  • Threaded inserts for secure mounting in public places

With this amazing iPod Dock you can watch movies in high resolution earlier which you saw in 480pixel display.

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