iPhone 4S / iPhone5 Will Have 8 Megapixel Camera or 12.6 Megapixel?

Apple iPhone’s next smartphone handset most talked about after the release of Samsung Galaxy S II. Everyone has their eyes on it now and people are expecting more from Apple now. iOS5 looks like bringing a good change in the user experience and it confused the world that may be the new iPhone would be called “iPhone 5“, but now the news coming in that the next iPhone would be called “iPhone 4S“.

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Download iOS 4.3.1, Jailbreak is Not Available Yet!

Today Apple released the newer version of Apple iOS 4.3.1 for iPhones 4 and 3GS, iPads 1 and 2, and generation 3 and 4 of iPod Touch. The update is not yet available for the customers of iPhone Verizon CDMA. The update is available through iTunes too, but we have direct link to the .ipsw files for you to download and install iOS4.3.1 manually.

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Download SnOwbreeze 2.3Beta4 (2.3b4) To JailBreak iOS4.3 Free

In last few weeks there had been quite a few releases of snOwbreeze 2.3 including snOwbreeze 2.3b1, 2.3b2, 2.3b3 and now finally we have the new snOwbreeze 2.3b4 to unlock and jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS4.3.

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Fix / Extend Battery Life of iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 4.3

iOS4.3 was recently released by Apple but most of the users who upgraded their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are facing a problem of battery life. The battery drains much quickly as compared to the previous version of iOS. There is a quick solution on how to extend┬áthe battery life of iPad iPhone and iPod having iOS 4.3. There’s a service of PING which is in constant use (process) and has to be switched off to extend battery life.

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iPhone 4 Conceptual Phones Before The Actual Launch

iPhone is one of the most talked about mobile phone since last few years. Long queues were seen outside the Apple stores on the launch dates just to be the first one to buy iPhone. Apple has created a charm and status symbol in the people to have an Apple product. Before the launch of iPhone 4 many different designers made the conceptual images of the phone that may be iPhone 4 would look like this, but everyone was wrong.

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iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Developers can now download Apple iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The beta 2 version is available for developers of iOS only who have enrolled themselves as developers on Apple developer platform.

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iPod touch looks like Meizu M9II

Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu right after the Apple keynote announced that the iPod Touch looks very similar to Meizu M9II and looks like the copy of it. Now the most strangest thought coming to my mind is that Meizu has not even released the M9 which is due in October 2010, and is talking about M9II.

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Why Apple called iPad as iPad?

Apple had always made all the rumors in the market go wrong as per traditions. Everyone was hoping the name of the new Apple Tablet PC to be called as ‘iTablet’ but yesterday at the launch of that tablet pc millions around the world were simply surprised by the name they gave it, an Apple ‘iPad’. Yes, it sounds funny and strange. I was thinking may be Steve’s Windows Shut Downed and he couldn’t think of a better name ­čśÇ

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iCar Remote a Fake Apple iPhone App

Apple iCar Remote iPhone AppAs you all already know that Apple iPhone and iPod are the hottest gadgets of this decade. The best part of these gadgets is that you can put new apps in it and get more out of it. Millions of developers around the world are working daily on developing new apps for iPhone and iPod. Yesterday I came across a very unique app called “iCar Remote”. I saw its video on youtube and I was stunned that can iPhone really do this? It was kind of impossible.

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New Apple iPod Shuffle 4GB for $79

New Apple iPod Shuffle 4GB 3rd GenerationApple has always been innovative and is well known for its unique and elite class products. Music industry got a real boost after the Mp3 format for music was released. Mp3 songs are downloaded from the Internet and even there are online music stores to buy music albums. Apple iPod was a break-through in the music industry. The prices of Apple iPod was quite high and alot of people were not able to afford it, so Apple launched a smaller iPod called “Apple iPod Shuffle” which was obviously less in features. Apple has now launched the next generation of Apple iPod Shuffle.

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