The New Samsung P3 Mp3 Player

Samsung P2 MP3 Player
Samsung P2 MP3 Player

Samsung has introduced the update of its MP3 player P2 namely as the MP3 player P3.To see details about the previous model you can visit Samsung’s website from here.But in my opinion this doesn’t looks like an update version,the previous was much stylish and very much trendy.The P3 is not getting much good reviews for the very same reason.Despite being it not getting a good response,it sure has some really good features.

Samsung P3 Mp3 Player
Samsung P3 Mp3 Player

Lets check some of the key features of the Samsung P3 Mp3 player.

  • 3″ touch-screen.
  • audio and video viewer
  • photo viewer
  • FM radio
  • voice recorder
  • bluetooth
  • colors: black & silver
  • memory size: 4GB,8GB,16GB & 32GB
  • easy file transfer

The more usage of this player and grab it some attention,because of the rumors/news of it being not good has deployed a low consumer purchase.

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