Spy on Others with the Spy-Pen

Detective IllustrationAren’t you amazed to see the secret spy tools super detectives use in movies,like James Bond etc.I am always in look for some real-time spy tools because they are fun to have and give you a cool feel ;).Today,i want to share this amazing new spy pen,which gives you a total control of spying on someone.

Here is pic of the exclusive spy pen

Spy Pen

With the camcorder of this pen,no one would notice you even that you are making a video of them.

Spy Pen-2

The pen can make a video 15hours in duration with sound !!.Moreover it has a color display and the sound quality is not bad either.It has a 2GB of memory which is complimented by the USB feature of this beauty.

When you have to transfer your files,open the pen and plug-in the USB to your computer and do the file transfer.This is really very convent and faster approach to spying 🙂

Its price is $104.

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