External USB SATA Drive Dock

Being professionals we usually have more than one harddrive for our use. We need to keep them safe as we have a lot of data in it. But the problem is when we have to get some data from any old harddrive then we have to plug it each time to the computer. To change a hard drive again and again is actually a time taking process.

Pyuuun, Robot For Small Work and Blogging

Robot 'Pyuuun' You may have noticed that the trend of small robots, to do regular small chores has increased. And there is no harm, with these useful robots coming out because its a reality that we are getting transformed into mechanical human beings as we need our work to be done with so many gadgets around us. Robo Engine has launched their new robot named as Pyuuun. This cute looking robot is very useful when you need simple things to be done for you. It can also blog and email which can be very useful, when you are not feeling good to make a blog post. Moreover, it can also serve you tea (video after the break).

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Grow Plants with the Help of Easybloom Gardener

Gardening IllustrationPlants are good for the environment and a lot of campaigns are undergoing for this very cause.In modern day life we have forgotten the importance of ‘green’,and we just don’t care much of how many plants are needed to grow for keeping a sound environment.There are a lot of species in plants and need different surrounding to grow.To help you find the best place to grow a plant,this new gadget ‘Easy bloom Gardener’ would be a handy treat.

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Watch to Keep Your USB Safe

USB Pocket WatchData safety is one thing and keeping your data storage device safe is another.I remember forgetting my USB drive at times when i needed it,and this really made me mad.New technologies arrive everyday,but this one sure made me happy.With this new stylish watch,one can never misplace or forget his USB.

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Spy on Others with the Spy-Pen

Detective IllustrationAren’t you amazed to see the secret spy tools super detectives use in movies,like James Bond etc.I am always in look for some real-time spy tools because they are fun to have and give you a cool feel ;).Today,i want to share this amazing new spy pen,which gives you a total control of spying on someone.

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Sertified 2GB USBs Rock On !!

USBs are the most useful gadget made in the history of computers,aren’t they !!.I love USBs which are stylish and look different from the usual.You may have seen different USBs.Sertified has launched its new USB made in the shape of hands.The USBs have a storage capacity of 2GB.

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Data Backup USB by SanDisk

SanDisk Backup USBBacking up your data is very important,as there is no assurance of your data being safe when your computer jams up.There are a number of ways you can store your data like in external hard-disks etc.SanDisk is launching its backup USB drive which will backup all your data,with only one click of a button.

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