Sony Vaio Conceptual Transparent Screen Laptop

I received an email from a friend of mine about the new latest conceptual technology gadgets which we expect will be coming out in the market soon.

It included a Sony Vaio laptop which has a transparent screen. You can see through the screen if the laptop is off.

Sony Vaio Conceptual Transparent Screen Laptop (Click to Enlarge)

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36 thoughts on “Sony Vaio Conceptual Transparent Screen Laptop

  1. pls,i just sold my laptop the moment i saw this one because i want to use this brand.can you reach me at the above mailing address?of the price and where i can buy it.
    pls if this brand is not in the market,pls dont raise people HBP by posting them online

  2. this is very beautiful.i want to buy this.would u pls let me know how much it is n where 4m i get it?pls mail me its price

  3. are you guys stupid?! Don’t you ever read? it says: “Sony Vaio Conceptual…” It’s not been released yet!!! not even made yet!

    Designed by Eno Setiawan, this concept Sony Vaio Zoom laptop is just what future Sony laptops may look like. The Vaio Zoom uses holographic technology to display images inside a completely transparent glass screen. The keyboard and the mouse buttons are holographic too.
    See more at Yanko Design.

  4. What the…You guys seriously need help. This VAIO laptop is for the future!!! Why can’t you guys just get the meaning of CONCEPTUAL??? Go search it in the dictionary then!!! God damn it…Help me. This is NOT even out yet!!! So get a life people,if you want to know how much is it,I’m telling you this is UNKNOWN yet. It will be revealed & invented later on… -_-”’

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