How To Become a Famous Blogger

The best and the most important question to be answered. Blogging… Blogging… and Blogging… is one of the most hottest topic around the IT Professionals and even for non-technical. You get two things from blogging, may be more but I can think of just two at the moment or you may say ‘two important things you get from blogging‘.

1- Money
2- Fame

Yes, these are only the two things you get from blogging. You get famous and you earn money. Now coming back to the question that how to become a famous blogger is very simply. There are again two ways to become a famous blogger.

  1. Way No. 1
    1. [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]become a blogger
    2. become famous
    3. be a Famous Blogger 🙂
  2. Way No. 2
    1. become famous
    2. become a blogger
    3. and be a Famous Blogger 🙂

I am sure you all must have found it very funny, but honestly this is the only way. There is always a difference between a famous blogger and a top/best blogger. Famous is just famous that people know you and because they know you, they read what you write. But the best blogger is who actually has written something which interests the readers. I have seen many bloggers from USA who are famous and best blogger at the same time which makes them unique in this online community.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left] But beside that, you don’t have to forget the real things you need keep in mind while blogging. I guess, SEO and blogging is very close to each other, because while blogging I have to take care of the important SEO tips for web designers and developers. If you are successful in writing up good blogs and have ads on your blog, then I’m sure you are getting rich pretty soon. “God Bless Google Adsense for making people rich”.

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