Filesonic Shutdown & Disabled. Has FBI Threatened Them Like Megaupload?

Last week the world’s biggest and most popular file sharing service website was blocked and seized by FBI because of the anti-piracy law. Just a day after SOPA and PIPA were withdrawn megaupload was seized by FBI on somewhat same basis what SOPA was claiming. Just few minutes ago,  second most popular file hosting website, filesonic shutdown and disabled their file sharing functionality is a popular file sharing service, which just few minutes ago disabled their functionality of file sharing. If you are not able to download any file from a filesonic link, you don’t need to worry. There is a new notice on the website saying:

All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

Following is the screenshot of the website too.

It looks like Filesonic would have been threatened by FBI exactly the same way as was. So now after this newly announcement by FileSonic only the files that you have uploaded personally will be downloaded by your own self. Eventually, FileSonic is going to become something like Dropbox and other personal data backup services. Few days back, another file sharing website also disabled member accounts in a huge number who were uploading files and earning money from the downloads.

I am not sure what happened with yet. My assumption is that they might be threatened by FBI too with the Anti-Privacy Act. We will keep you updated with the new development on the filesonic shutdown and other major file sharing websites. Stay tuned with us.

5 thoughts on “Filesonic Shutdown & Disabled. Has FBI Threatened Them Like Megaupload?

  1. Wall Street is running amok, Banks are making their own rules and this is what the FBI wastes their time on? I cannot wait till the Obama adminstration is shut down in November. I voted for him, but never again. Are you reading this David Axelrod?

  2. Its really big shame what’s happening with nowadays world. Governments goin on communism way even if they they dont see it – they do ! they destroying all whats people fight for in many wars , revolutions for free world and independed, democracy. Many lifes lost and now it is coming back. HISTORY learn nothing this morons…

  3. So when are we sieg hailing with an american flag on every website before the world realizes these people do nothing but destroy and have to be stopped.
    The american public allows this to happen so I blame them for this, if you take this personal as an american proof me wrong and fight harder.

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