Indian Media on Indian CBI Website Hacked by Pakistani Hacker

Yesterday the news came in that Pakistan Cyber Army a group called HEX786 hacked 270 websites of India including the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website. Today the Indian and Pakistani media has started reporting on this issue too. Some are calling it the start of cyber war. Previously, group from both the countries had been attacking on each other official websites, but this one is the biggest deface ever.

[youtube 531M-rywPHs nolink]
Times Now News Channel of India Report

[youtube lbG1yh-Gz84 nolink]
Z News Report on CBI Website Hacked by Pakistani Group, Pakistan Cyber Army

I guess, no other hacking group in the world has ever reported a 270 websites deface/hack ever in just the short span of 1 week. On 26th November 2010, Indians hacked into the NTC server of Pakistan and added a page indian.html to 40 major government websites of Pakistan. In reply to that on Thursday 2nd November 2010 Pakistani group hacked the Indian CBI website and gave a message that this hack is ‘on purpose and not just random one‘ and is a reply to what you did on 26th.

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