Download TweetDeck v0.38.2 (Old Version)

TweetDeck was bought by Twitter last year and before the start of the new year, Twitter changed TweetDeck entirely. The new look was ok, but feature wise the new TweetDeck actually sux. That’s not what I say, but almost all the people I know. There are very limited features in the new TweetDeck. The New TweetDeck is a native app for Windows and MacOS whereas, the previous one was built in Adobe Air.

Since the day TweetDeck was upgraded and the new fully twitter look came in, everyone started to ask me for the previous version of TweetDeck. After struggling a lot on the Internet finally I was able to find it and thought to share it with everyone on my blog. All I know is, Twitter made the BEST APP for TWITTER the WORST!

Download TweetDeck v0.38.2 (Old TweetDeck)

You can use any of the following links to download the older TweetDeck v0.38.2:

P.S. I had to RAR the .AIR file to upload. Simply unrar the file and install the Adobe Air tweetdeck file. You will need to have Adobe Air installed before installing the app. Do not upgrade it when you see the popup.

The newer TweetDeck app does not show all the followers when you type put @ sign. You cannot even customize the URL shortening service. Shifting between colomns is very tough. Most of all, you cannot minimize the TweetDeck in Windows Task Bar. The settings screen of the new tweetdeck almost has nothing in it.

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