Windows Essential 2011 for Windows XP, Not Supported

Windows Live Messenger 2011, Movie Maker 2011, Photo Gallery 2011 – Yes if you are on windows XP you cannot use these new amazing products by Microsoft Windows Live Essential. Everyone out there with Windows XP is very much annoyed and left alone with this step of Microsoft, that they didn’t give the product on their every best selling operating system.

Microsoft released the new Windows Live Essential with amazing new Messenger which now supports facebook chat too. Yes, you can chat with your facebook friends right from your Windows Live Messenger 2011 (aka MSN Messenger). You can also view your updates of facebook right from your Messenger and comment on your friend’s wall too. You can sync your facebook, twitter, linkedin status with Windows Live Messenger status, you put your status at one place, it will be updated everywhere.

Download Windows Live Essential 2011

Download Windows Live Essential 2011 Offline Installer

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011facebook is everywhere, you can now publish your videos directly to facebook too. Movie Maker 2010 was already allowing the users to publish their video directly to youtube. Now Facebook is there too.

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 – the new ribbon bar like Office 2010, sharing options with publishing the gallery to SkyDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and the photo effects option.

At the end again, ALAS! If you are on WinXP, you cannot use these new amazing features of these products. Windows Live Essential is only supported on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

7 thoughts on “Windows Essential 2011 for Windows XP, Not Supported

  1. what does windows vista has that xp doesn’t have for running WLM ?
    you can’t use the same excuse as GPU accelaration for IE9 anymore now.

    1. What it has is profitability for MS. They want to flog newer operating systems, hence cut off XP. Makes people think XP can’t do everything (which is wrong). Though why they’re bothering supporting Vista that everyone hates I don’t know. Win7 I can understand, but Vista!

  2. I don’t want to stop using something that works (XP). My son has Vista on his computer and spacewise it’s a nightmare and drags his computer tremendously. And then the updates. I love my XP. Support us on this for heavens sake, it may be old, but it’s a good product, this is why bog companies rather stick with XP than upgrade to 7.

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