New Conceptual Gadgets and Latest Technology

Here are some of the new conceptual gadgets and technology products. The single stick folded umbrella. The Mat, or Rug or is it a bed? The new conceptual laptop by Apple Mac, in which you can separate the screen from the keyboard. The Wooden laptop! and many more..!

Here is the collection of photos of these new conceptual products.

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Portable 2-in-1 Mp3 and CD Player

CD Players (DiscMan) had always been too big to carry as a portable player. Mp3 Players whereas on the other hand are very small and easy to handle. A new conceptual 2-in-1 mp3 and CD player is presented on the internet these days showing how a small mp3 player can also play CDs in it.

What I think is, it is not a big deal to make such a player. It is very simple and can be made. Just a reading lens and a spinning motor will be additionally used in it.

Here are the photos of this conceptual 2-in-1 mp3 and cd player.

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Sony Vaio Conceptual Transparent Screen Laptop

I received an email from a friend of mine about the new latest conceptual technology gadgets which we expect will be coming out in the market soon.

It included a Sony Vaio laptop which has a transparent screen. You can see through the screen if the laptop is off.

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