Shopping Trolleys with Magnifying Glass

Shopping Trolley IllustrationAs they say necessity it the mother of invention,and this is very rightly said.Old age people have benefited a lot from different technologies,and made their living pleasant.What old people suffer mostly is their eyesight which disturbs them to do lot of work.Keeping this thing in mind a company in Switzerland has made shopping trolleys with magnifying glass to enable the old aged to read packet contents etc more easily.

This would really help people with bad eyesight to shop easily and also those people who forget their glasses at home when going to shopping.

Magnifying Glass Shopping Trolley

Sometimes the labels on the product are in a very small font and very hard to read on.This new type of trolleys would make this problem go out of your way now.

As per now these trolleys are available in Geneva,and in future it would be exported to different parts of Europe then to somewhere else.

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