Excellent Sock Art Camera

Sock Art CameraWatching beautiful views and get amazed is human nature.But when it comes to geeks the idea of amusement changes,for as they just love all what is reated to technology.Sock Art is a technique in which you make different things with the help of socks ( but those socks don’t stink..lol ).Anyways,so here you can see pics of a camera made out from socks and is a very good sock art.This post goes to all the geeks out there…yo 😀

Here are the close-up pics of the sock art so you can see the details much more clearly

Sock Art Camera-1

Below you can see that even the LCD of the camera is also made,its such a detailed work..

Sock Art Camera-2

This is my favorite pic from the art work,see how they have made the tiny buttons in the camera.So cute 🙂

Sock Art Camera-3

Now this one is funny,the pic below was made also from sock art showing that it was shot from the sock art camera,nice idea !!

Sock Art Pic

What do you think about this art work.Do comment on it.

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