Kickstart your day with the Amazing Smashing Clock

Alarm Bang IllustrationWaking up early in the morning is very difficult as you just don’t want to loose the cozy comfort of your bed.Alarm clocks help you out a lot when you need to wake up early,but they annoy you with the alarm tones and you just get up in a bad mood.Now a brand new concept alarm clock has been designed which gives you a ‘smashing’ start to you day.

Here is the pic of the concept smashing alarm clock

Smashing Alarm

When this alarm clock gives up the waking signal and you just don’t want to wake up,you can hit it as hard as you can literally and it would stop alarming.

It has been concluded fro studies that hitting something releases your stress,and this new alarm clock could do the same.It would give a good start and a smiling face 🙂

Hopefully,this would be in the manufacturing process soon.

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