Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla Screen Broken

Samsung Galaxy S was the most hyped smartphone handset of the year 2010 and still it is. Samsung Galaxy S II is on the other hand released couple of months ago has broken all records. The major reason for the hype of Galaxy S were the Super AMOLED screen and the Gorilla Glass. There were quite a few stress tests on different blogs, but I just happened to see a broken Gorilla Glass. Read more to see the picture.

A friend of mine Sultan had the Samsung Galaxy S and without any specific stress test, the Gorilla glass screen broke and cracked. The picture above shows the broken Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla glass screen. The most surprising thing to me was that the screen got cracked just by carrying the phone in his pocket of jeans.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla Screen Broken

  1. same thing for me happend.. was just sitting and sii has fallen out of my pocket, 30cm above from a stone floor. the screen was broken from left to right. is it necessary to replace the screen, or to put a screenprotector on it so there can’t get any liquor in it?? 

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