Nokia’s First 1Ghz Processor Smartphone with MeeGo – Nokia N9

Nokia is coming back into the news again and the most rumored smartphone has finally made its way through. A colorful Nokia N9 is equipped with 1GHz Cortex A8 CP and has a PowerVR SGX530 GPU. The rumors were about its QWERTY keypad too but unfortunately it does not have it. The most interesting thing about N9 is the colorful look of it’s back-panel. Read more to see the pictures of Nokia N9.

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Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla Screen Broken

Samsung Galaxy S was the most hyped smartphone handset of the year 2010 and still it is. Samsung Galaxy S II is on the other hand released couple of months ago has broken all records. The major reason for the hype of Galaxy S were the Super AMOLED screen and the Gorilla Glass. There were quite a few stress tests on different blogs, but I just happened to see a broken Gorilla Glass. Read more to see the picture.

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Will I Buy Nokia N8 or Nokia E7?

The first question even that comes before the one I mentioned in the title is whether I am going to buy a symbian smartphone or not? I guess, my question to is only validated if and only if I’m ready to buy a symbian phone. By the way, Android powered smartphones are on my first priority list. So, will it be Nokia N8 or E7 is the real question. Following the comparison of both the phones.

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First Transparent OLED Laptop by Samsung

A year and half ago, pickmore posted an article about the Sony Vaio conceptual transparent laptop screen. After a year, Samsung became the world’s first company to introduce the transparent screen. Samsung demonstrated the transparent screen on CES 2010 in January, which amazed many people and announced the launch of the product within next 12 months.

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