Nokia N95 “No Gateway Reply” Error Fix

Nokia N95Using wireless Wifi Internet on mobile phones have always been a charm and convenience for the on travelling. I bought Nokia N95 just because it has a Wifi in it. I have an Asus motherboard in my PC which has a built-in Wifi Access Point in it. I tried a lot but the Wifi never worked for me on Nokia N95 Mobile Phone. Whereas, my blackberry mobile set, Sony PSP and Laptop used to connect through that same Wifi AP. The problem was very irritating for me and I had to find the fix to it. Nokia N95 used to connect to the Wifi and also even identifies the Access point, but when I used to try browsing, it used to give an error “No Gateway Reply”. Finally I came up with the solution and I fixed the problem. Here is the guide on how to fix Nokia n95 “no gateway reply” error on wifi.

  1. Open the phones ‘Settings‘ application.
    Nokia N95 Setting
  2. [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Select ‘Connection‘ from the menu.
    Nokia N95 Connection - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix
  3. Scroll down to ‘Wireless LAN‘ and select it.
    Nokia N95 Wireless LAN - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix
  4. Hit the options button (left soft key) and select ‘Advanced Settings‘.
    Nokia N95 Wireless LAN Advance Settings - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix
  5. When the following warning screen appears select Yes to enter the Advanced Settings screen.
    Nokia N95 Wireless LAN Advance Settings - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix
  6. [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Click ‘Automatic configuration‘ to set it to Disabled.
    Nokia N95 Wireless LAN Disable Automatic Configuration - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix
  7. Scroll down to the ‘Power saving‘ option in the menu and set it to Disabled.
    Nokia N95 Wireless LAN Power Saving - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix  Nokia N95 Wireless LAN Set Power Saving Disabled - No Gateway Reply Wifi Fix

That’s all my friends. Just disable this option and there you go! Now you can browse and surf Internet on your Nokia N95 through Wifi.

22 thoughts on “Nokia N95 “No Gateway Reply” Error Fix

  1. Not that im using a router but the problem is with the Hotspot in a local mall. I can only connect to one Lan all the others been giving me the ‘No gateway reply’.
    Thanx alot mate, il give it a try. One love!

  2. my name is Anand jain . i have purchase is nokia center Alwar . my mobile is received signal but not connected. he is error show that “no gateway please”

  3. I developed the issue when I upgraded the N95 firmware – your mtd didn’t fix.

    Mine works on the default page – to Nokia site – all links works too – but when I entered a URL or choose from the Bookmark, it doesn’t work.

    1. Please Don’t be confused……..Just Install new browser !!!! opera will be fine option………..then restart your wifi phone…..every thing will go right then….no need to dirt your hand in ip addressing..just set it automatic ip address……

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