New Conceptual Gadgets and Latest Technology

Here are some of the new conceptual gadgets and technology products. The single stick folded umbrella. The Mat, or Rug or is it a bed? The new conceptual laptop by Apple Mac, in which you can separate the screen from the keyboard. The Wooden laptop! and many more..!

Here is the collection of photos of these new conceptual products.

New conceptual laptop for Apple Mac in which you can seperate the screen from the keyboard
Mat, Rug or a Bed? You can sit on it!
Mat, Rug or a Bed? Or you can lay down on an open floor
Mat, Rug or a Bed? Yes! you can cover your bed like a flower bud!
The New Umbrella! Everything is in just 1 straight stick
Step-by-step visualization of the new conceptual umberalla
Wooden Laptop
Wooden Laptop with Windows Vista running on it
iPod 3-way surround sound speakers
iPod surround sound speakers can be a stand for your mp3 player!
iPod Standing 3D surround sound speakers
Hannes Seeburg's SkyLine bus
The hanging phone! why you need a base set?
Hang up your phone with any door lever
Hang your phone with the wall

Other Conceptual and Latest Technology Gadgets are:

  1. Sony Vaio Trasparent Screen Laptop
  2. Double Touch Screen Slider Mobile Phone Handset
  3. Mobile Phone with Projector
  4. Portable Mp3 and CD Player 2-in-1

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