Apple iPhone 4 is flop, admit it!

Apple became one of the biggest gadget company by selling out the largest number of mp3 portable player Apple iPod and later introduced a similar looking phone called iPhone. During the past couple of years Apple held a unique place in the mobile phone user market with the most stylish handphone. HTC became the second company to introduce the stylish touch screen mobile phones. But as soon as Google came into action, Apple goes down.

Apple recently launched Apple iPhone 4 and became the center of attraction by critic reviewers. Apple iPhone 4 was rated as an extremely bad handset. Taiwanese animation below shows what Apple had been doing in last few months.

[youtube YNSHA3FBW2U nolink]

Reasons for Apple iPhone 4 being flop:

  • Poor Antenna Reception – hold the phone in your palm, and you will lose the signals.
  • iPhone 4G? – No! Its not 4G, the name looks like its 4G but its not. It’s still 3G. The correct name is “iPhone 4”
  • No Video Calling – even banned Fring which allowed video calling over skype on iPhone.
  • Wifi Problem – you cannot make it a hotspot.
  • No Flash Player support in browser – you still have to see old style WAP looking websites.
  • AT&T Contract ONLY – you have to buy an expensive package deal to get iPhone and only AT&T. No one in America is happy with AT&T’s coverage.
  • Call dropping problem – call dropping problem is even more on iPhone 4 as compared to iPhone 3G. (Yes, 3G also has call dropping problem).

And not to forget, iPhone 4 was built in China where the Apple employee did suicide for working over 12hours a day shift.

Now Mr. Apple says that all new smartphone handset have signal problem. Instead of accepting the fault, Steve Jobs is saying that every set has a problem. I guess in past few months Apple has become evil in the industry.

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