Microsoft To Buy Adobe

Adobe, one of the biggest name in the media design IT company which few years back acquired Macromedia which introduced Flash in to the Internet website industry. Microsoft and Adobe CEOs met today in a secret meeting were some high level discussions where made which are still behind the curtain and unknown to us so far.

Sources say that it is very possible that Microsoft has offered Adobe something to acquire Adobe or if not, then may be to have a joint venture. If this is serious, then I personally think that Adobe Flash player and Microsoft Silverlight will be merged together to form just one single platform. On the other hand, for mobile devices Adobe Flash player is widely coming into action. Microsoft became the direct competitor with Adobe when they launched Silverlight back in year 2007. Yes, not to forget the new HTML5 coming up. If the developers set their hands on HTML5, then both Flash and Silverlight are of no use anymore. W3C couple of days ago announced that HTML5 is not ready yet to be launched and is not mature, so developers should stick to Flash and Silverlight for the time being which are cross browser compatible.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Some experts say, that this might be a venture to knock down Apple‘s step into the mobile phone industry where Microsoft has just stepped in and is launching Windows Mobile 7 which according to Microsoft will be a turn over in the mobile operating systems so far. I’m not sure that will Microsoft be able to kill iOS and Google Android but it might become a hurdle in the highway of Apple and Google.

After a huge news of Microsoft buying Yahoo last year, now this is another one. Which obviously will rise the stock market share of both the companies, only if Microsoft don’t do the same as they did with Yahoo that, suddenly they denied that they are not going to buy Yahoo now, and the stock market share of Yahoo dropped below the horizon.

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